All Growing Up

Just looking to learn and share about growing organically, permaculture and biodynamic gardening. Green living and practices, upcycling and reusing are also big areas of interest, as well as a few fun pictures and jokes.

(also want to add that I am not a vegetarian or vegan, I am a dedicated omnivore. However, I support individual choice and am into a lot of rawvegan diet/recipes/practices)

Questions or Advice: Both needed!!!

So disheartening.

The wife and I are heading to Austin tomorrow for the protest against the war and attacks on women’s rights and bodily autonomy, medical privacy, etc.

So many women we talk to don’t even know what’s going on with all the PParenthood defunding, trans-vag procedure laws, and stuff. Most guys I tell what we are doing/talk to about it are just kind of ‘oh’ about it.

At least we have a few friends in Austin talked into meeting us there and we’ll get to meet up with like minded people from around the state. I really hope that hose we can’t or won’t march or protest, I hope they can just spread awareness of the shit going on and all the laws and attempts to roll back our treatment of women to the 1950’s.

  1. funwithplantingplans said: Like many things, most people don’t care/pay attention until it personally affects them or something they’d like to do. But you’re totally right - not everyone has to go protest somewhere, but at least learn about what’s going on!
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