All Growing Up

Just looking to learn and share about growing organically, permaculture and biodynamic gardening. Green living and practices, upcycling and reusing are also big areas of interest, as well as a few fun pictures and jokes.

(also want to add that I am not a vegetarian or vegan, I am a dedicated omnivore. However, I support individual choice and am into a lot of rawvegan diet/recipes/practices)

Questions or Advice: Both needed!!!

Well, not a gardening or nature post per se, but in the realm of homesteading and doing things in a ‘green’ fashion, entertainment is a must!! Acoustic guitars are great, and both the boy and the girl wanted them for birthday gifts. She insists she will never outgrow the color pink, even though it was a purple obsession instead just two years ago (but I’ll GLADLY rock a pink guitar if she changes her mind). The boy went with a wood grain look instead of solid color or black.

Hung them up in the corners of their rooms. Now just have to teach them to play!!

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