All Growing Up

Just looking to learn and share about growing organically, permaculture and biodynamic gardening. Green living and practices, upcycling and reusing are also big areas of interest, as well as a few fun pictures and jokes.

(also want to add that I am not a vegetarian or vegan, I am a dedicated omnivore. However, I support individual choice and am into a lot of rawvegan diet/recipes/practices)

Questions or Advice: Both needed!!!

A bit ugly and off balance, but I made a couple baskets out of old straws. Learned a lot about how to manipulate the material, so in teh future I should be able to do it better. Thinking of ‘pre-flattening’ the straws to try and make them get tighter in on the weave and not toss the pattern into disarray.

Oh well, good practice!!!

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